Board Members


Mary Golden – Founder and Director


Marianne Gatten – Board Chair, Finance Committee Chair

Marianne joined the board in 2016 with the desire to do her part in increasing the number of women pursuing successful careers in STEM. In guiding her daughter’s education, she realized that even today girls still face some of the same obstacles she dealt with decades ago and enrolled her in Cool Girls.

Marianne is a career woman and the mother of two. She has an Industrial Engineering degree from the University of Pittsburgh and a Master’s in Business Administration from the University of Virginia’s Darden School. Gleaning what she learned from a quarter-century of leadership in technology-driven Fortune 500 companies, Marianne is now the Principal Consultant at MKG Consulting LLC.

In her leisure time, she may be found on a hiking trail around Boulder or on the ski slopes of Winter Park with her family. She is committed to making a positive impact through her service with Cool Girls.


Laura Lauda – Communications Committee Chair and Website Development

Laura is a technology expert who specializes in the Microsoft stack. Starting her development career in the late 90’s, Laura has created software programs ranging from corporate websites and web applications, to e-commerce applications, to marketing applications, and created multi-touch technology when it was in its infancy. Working for companies such as Crispin, Porter and Bogusky, Laura honed her skills in technical direction and leading development teams on multi-million dollar advertising projects for their client Microsoft. She then moved into technical direction for two local Boulder companies and most recently Laura has started her own consulting company, Aeonian Consulting, where she architects and develops code for clients, offers solutions architecture, and technical executive expertise. In her free time, she enjoys writing sci-fi and fantasy novels, reading, hiking, mountain biking, road trips, and playing her bass guitar.


David Osterman – Curriculum Committee Chair

David Osterman works at Ball Aerospace in Boulder where he helps develop instruments for observations from space. In childhood David’s interest in science was encouraged by his mother’s love of nature and father’s help in math homework. This led to memorable experiences catching butterflies, growing crystals, peering at stars through a telescope and marveling at the creatures in lake-water drops under a microscope.

David received a doctorate in physics from Columbia University. Since then his career path has traversed the landscape of STEM careers, from Science to Technology to Engineering (but not yet Math). After working in physics research at Brookhaven National Laboratory he moved on to technology commercialization for a high- tech start-up company. Now David is a Systems Engineer at Ball Aerospace where he is part of a team developing a temperature mapping instrument for Jupiter’s fascinating moon Europa, the subject of a future NASA mission.

Cool Girls is important to David for several reasons. On a personal level he wants his children, including his daughters, to have the opportunity to engage with STEM and STEAM subjects as he could as a child, with experiences that inspire wonder and appreciation of the natural world. He would also like his daughters to be free to pursue whatever interests them without being discouraged by stereotypes about girls. In a time when science is under pressure to bend to political forces he would he would like to contribute to the strengthening of free inquiry. Working with girls on STEAM activities is one way to do that.
David has lived in Boulder since 2002. He has one daughter in college, and a daughter and son at Crestview Elementary school. In his slivers of free time he likes to run and work on transforming part of his yard into a native grass prairie.


Egbe Osamwonyi – Treasurer

Egbe Osamwonyi is the Treasurer of Cool Girls and has been an active Board Member since 2010.  She first started volunteering with Cool Girls when her daughter became a founding member of the club in 2008.  Along with her skill for numbers, Egbe also shares her passion for software and diversity in STEM.  Having emigrated to the US and obtaining an Electrical Engineering degree from the University of Iowa, she has firsthand experience with the power of a STEM career in achieving the American Dream.  Egbe is a Senior Software Engineer for IHS Markit, ensuring their customers always have the global financial data they need.  Outside of work and volunteering, Egbe is very involved with her family attending Boulder High orchestra concerts and her daughter’s water polo matches.