Cool Girls hosted a booth at this years Chinese New Year Celebration on February 16th, 2019.

This free event at Silver Creek High School is always a favorite for the whole family.

At the Cool Girls booth, we had hundreds of children stop by and make windmills. Wind is the best renewable energy source around and Colorado has a lot of WIND. With a few simple household items, the children designed and built their very own wind turbine with the help of Cool Girl’s mentors and Silver Creek High School volunteers. The wind turbines were tested for efficiency by hooking them up to a volt meter and seeing how much electricity the designs produced. It was quite impressive to see all the aspiring young engineers work through the design choices.

How Wind Turbines works:

Wind turbines generate electricity by converting kinetic energy to electrical energy.  Typically, the wind rotates the blades of a turbine, which turns a shaft that is connected to a generator that produces electricity.

Colorado Wind Facts:

  • Wind is the fastest growing energy resource on Colorado the grid
  • 17.3% of electricity in Colorado is generated by wind

Colorado wind manufacturing and operations jobs totaled over 6,000

Cool Girls Science and Art Club Information: Since 2008, the mission has been to engage young girls from diverse socioeconomic and cultural backgrounds in entrepreneurship, Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Mathematics (e-STEAM) so they have the desire, confidence and skills to sustain their contributions to the community throughout their personal, academic and professional journeys.

The Longmont club meets on Wednesday’s at 5:00 – 6:30pm. Each semester the girls choose topics they are curious about and we invite mentors from those areas.  The low mentor-to-girl ratio fosters a high level of interaction in an engaging and friendly learning environment.

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